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My programs are offered in your home at a time tailored to meet individual need.

This may be intermittently or on a regular basis—hourly, daily, weekly, short or long-term.  
A program of activities will be offered based on your choice and need, and delivered in a safe, supportive environment.

I also offer a free 30 Minute Consultation to discuss if Diversional Therapy is a fit for you or your family member.


Programs are designed to support, challenge and enhance the social, physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of the person.


The assessment process considers the interests and needs of the client and uses activity based interventions to improve quality of life.



Group programs can take many forms as they are designed through discussion and consideration of every member of the group’s needs.


Group programs can develop a social network and provide opportunity for social interaction and enjoyment.

Dementia Specific

Designed to stimulate, motivate and promote self esteem for the person with dementia at all stages of the disease. Through assessment and the use of meaningful activity a program will focus on maintaining existing skills, keeping the mind & body stimulated and provide an opportunity for enjoyment and social contact.


As a fully registered Diversional Therapist I can offer consults for individuals or groups in residential and community care settings.


I have many years experience meeting accreditation standards and am able to develop and advise on suitable programs to meet these standards.


Can a Diversional Therapist help me?

It is for people of all ages and abilities in particular people living with age related conditions, dementia, depression, social isolation, injury or illness. 

  • Diversional Therapy Stimulates memory & cognitive function

  • Reduces social isolation & depression

  • Enhances health & wellbeing

  • Encourage choice & decision making

  • Provides opportunity to enjoy life

  • Reduces carer burden

Our Privacy and Confidentiality

Together Diversional Therapy Solutions is committed to ensuring your personal information is professionally managed in accordance with all Australian Privacy Principles.

Personal information is collected for the purpose of developing a diversional therapy program specific to your needs.

Any personal or health details will not be disclosed to any other person or agency without the consent of the individual or carer.

For more information please ask for a copy of the Privacy Policy

Important Information

Please note that Together Diversional Therapy Solutions:

Does NOT offer personal care, cleaning, general maintenance or transport

(some exceptions may apply if directly related to assessed needs)

Requires 24 Hrs notice of cancellation of visit unless due to an emergency


Staff cancellation will only be due to emergencies and visits will be rescheduled in consultation with you.

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